Services and Rates

Cable TV Service

Black Creek TV offers residents a wide variety of programming choices. Whether it is just a basic line of the most popular viewed channels or more specialized interest channels, you can customize a channel line up that best suits your preferences.

All programs now available in High Definition with the addition of HD digital set-top receiver.

Basic Cable - All Programs Now Available in High Definition
Analog $38.95 - $43.95 in HD (requires HD receiver)

Black Creek TV

Basic Service includes these popular channels

Add Installation and service activation for 1st 2 outlets - $45.00

Any additional outlets required can be installed at - $25.00/per outlet

DCX3200 HD receiver $6.99/month

DCX3400PVR receiver $13.99/month 

  • NBC
  • Global CIII Toronto
  • CBS
  • CBC CBLT Toronto
  • TVO CICA Toronto
  • ABC
  • CTV CFTO Toronto
  • CH Hamilton
  • PBS Create TV
  • CP24
  • PBS WNED Buffalo
  • FOX
  • PBS National feed
  • The Discovery Channel
  • CBC Newsworld
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Paramount
  • CNN
  • WGN Chicago
  • WSBK Boston
  • CITY TV Toronto
  • CMT
  • AMC
  • The Shopping Channel
  • PBS WNED National HD service
  • The Weather Channel
  • HGTV
  • TLC
  • Bravo
  • History
  • Turner Classic Movies

Pick and Create Your Own Package Pick

Select from the services listed below to create your package @ $2.00/channel. Must select a minimum of $10.00 worth (any five services) of programming in addition to basic services.

HD Special Interest

  • ABC Spark
  • Animal Planet
  • Black Entertainment Network
  • Book TV
  • Cooking Channel Canada
  • Cottage Life
  • DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • Discovery Science
  • Documentary Channel
  • Fashion
  • FYI (was Twist TV)
  • Game Show Network
  • Independent Film Channel
  • H2 (formerly Men TV)
  • Lifetime
  • National Geographic
  • ONE: Get Fit
  • Slice
  • American Heroes
  • Teletoon East
  • The Food Network
  • Travel
  • W Channel

TV Classics

  • Dejaview
  • Movie Time
  • Movie Time


  • ESPN Classic
  • Rogers SN 360
  • Leafs TV
  • NHL Network
  • Outdoor Life Network
  • Raptors NBA TV
  • MAV TV Sport Racing
  • Sportsman Channel (fishing)
  • Wild Pursuit (hunting)

HD Movies

  • Crime (was Mystery)
  • Investigative Discovery
  • Movie Time

Hollywood Suites movies from 2000, 90s, 80s and 70s

HD News and Information

  • BBC Canada
  • BBC World News
  • CNBC
  • Fox News
  • Headline News

HD Family and Children

  • The Family Channel E. & W
  • Treehouse
  • YTV-E
  • ABC Spark
  • Nickelodeon
  • NG Wild

HD Spiritual

  • YESTV (formerly CTS)
  • Vision
  • Miracle Network

HD US Superstations

  • KTLA
  • WPIX
  • WGN

HD Sports Channels -

  • TSN multiplex
  • Rogers Sportsnet multiplex
  • Rogers Sportsnet ONE
  • Golf, Rogers SN360

*NOTE – US and Canadian network channels in HD are included at no additional cost to base $15 minimum HD programming digital choices

Canadian Networks in HD

  • CTV (Toronto), CBC (Toronto ) iGlobal (Toronto), City TV, CHCH Hamilton, TVO Toronto

US Networks in HD

  • ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX (from Detroit and Buffalo)

Network TV from Other Time Zones

  • ASN (Atlantic Satellite Network)
  • CTV Halifax (CJCH-TV)
  • CBC Vancouver
  • Global Vancouver
  • ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX (from Seattle) in HD. These west coast networks allow you to time-shift your viewing programs aired in the east three hours later

Package Pricing

Or pick from any of these packages of services at a price shown. You may also combine any package below with any service listed under the Pick and Create Your Own package section listed in the left three columns.

Family Fun $6.99

  • ABC Spark
  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Science
  • National Geographic
  • The Family Channel
  • National Geographic Wild

Informative TV $5.99

  • Book TV
  • Documentary Channel
  • Independent Film Channel
  • Travel

Life and Health $6.99

  • Twist
  • Fashion
  • DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • Slice
  • The Food Network
  • Crime (was Mystery)
  • Showcase Action
  • Lifetime (formerly Diva)
  • Showcase East **
  • Space ** Space HD
  • Comedy Network **

Golden Oldies $7.99

  • W Movie
  • Movie Time
  • Mystery TV
  • DejaView

News and Information $7.99

  • BBC Canada
  • BBC World News
  • OWN
  • CTV NewsNet**
  • BBN**
  • E! **

Golden Oldies $7.99

  • ESPN Classic
  • Rogers SN 360
  • Leafs TV
  • NHL Network
  • Outdoor Life Network
  • Raptors NBA TV
  • Rogers Sportsnet
  • Rogers Sportsnet ONE
  • Rogers Sportsnet Pacific
  • Rogers Sportsnet West

CRAVE Movie Bundle** $19.99

  • HBO Canada
  • Crave 1,2,3

STARZ **(formerlyTMN Encore) $6.99

  • STARZ!
  • STARZ2

Super Channel Movie Bundle ** $17.99

  • Super Channel Fuse
  • Super Channel Heart and Home
  • Super Channel Vault

Music Videos $4.99

  • MTV Canada
  • MTV 2

Commercial Free Music Tracks $3.99

  • 20 Max Trax Music channels
  • 20 Galaxie channels

AM & FM Radio $1.99

  • 27 FM and AM Radio Stations from across Canada
  • Special priced Standalone
  • Sportsnet World $16.99

TSN Sports Multiplex $7.00

  • TSN1,
  • TSN2,
  • TSN3,
  • TSN4
  • TSN5

Rogers Sportsnet Multiplex $8.00

  • Rogers Sportsnet East
  • Rogers Sportsnet ONE
  • Rogers Sportsnet Ont.
  • Rogers Sportsnet Pacific
  • Rogers Sportsnet West

Movies and Entertainment $7.99

  • Crime (was Mystery)
  • Adult Swim
  • Lifetime (formerly Diva)
  • Showcase East **
  • Space ** Space HD
  • Comedy Network **

Stingray Commercial Free Music Tracks $3.99

  • 40 Stingray Music Channels

NOTE **The Program Broadcaster of these services do not permit these channels to be selected on a ‘pick a pack’ offer and must be purchased as a bundle

All rates are per month, HST is Extra

The following services are included at no additional charge to your selections:

  • Interactive program Guide
  • Access to Pay per View
  • The Weather Channel
  • The Shopping Channel
  • CPAC Public Affairs Channel All analog channels duplicated in digital

Hi-Speed Internet Over Cable

1.5 Mb Lite

Data transfer limit 40 GB, the additional usage fee for internet billed at $2.00/GB*
$  24.95

3.0 Mb Regular

Data transfer limit 50 GB, the additional usage fee for internet billed at $2.00/GB*
$  34.95

5.0 Mb Ultra

Data transfer limit 60 GB, the additional usage fee for internet billed at $2.00/GB*
$  45.95


Data transfer limit 80 GB, the additional usage fee for internet billed at $2.00/GB*
$  55.00


Data transfer limit 100 GB, the additional usage fee for internet billed at $2.00/GB*
$  65.00

30Mb Unlimited

Data transfer unlimited GB
* To a max of $80.00 (your internet package + overage charge will never exceed $80.00)
$  80.00


  • Modem $30.00
  • Wireless Modem $50.00
  • WiFi support $5.00/month

for more info call
(905) 651-3095

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Local Number Portability

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  • The porting agency also requests that you include a copy of your phone company’s recent invoice that shows your name, phone number, and service address associated with the current phone number to be ported. This provides extra assurance that the information provided is correct and authenticated to avoid errors in porting the wrong number.
  • Please also complete the Local Number Portability form on the reverse side of this form if you wish to retain your current phone number as your authorization to port your current phone number to Black Creek TV digital phone network.
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